What Are The Different Types Of Chiminea Fireplaces?

For those of you who are not aware of what chiminea fireplaces are, they are simply a front loading fireplace or also known as an oven that has a vertical chimney. They are a very simple outdoor fireplace that you can use to stay warm in the evening. The body of them is bulbous and they have […]

Photos of 12 Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Are you planning on building an outdoor fireplace or fire pit? Here’s one photo of a gas fire pit on a nice deck with a view of the city. If you are looking for more ideas I found a great article at “Do It Yourself Network”. They have 12 different ideas that are worth looking at for […]

Five Top Trends In Patio Designs

(ARA) – When does a trend become a tradition? With continued interest in creating great outdoor living spaces, the trend for jazzing up the backyard may just be on the verge of becoming a staple of the American home, and as much a requirement as a great kitchen or welcoming bath. And every summer it […]

A Guide to Simple Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Why an Outdoor Fireplace? An outdoor fireplace makes a very stylish and attractive addition to any property, and many people are now realizing the benefits of having one. Not only does it look good and feel good, but it will add value to your property and be a great talking point when you have friends […]