Making My First Photo Book Online – Building a Shed from a Gazebo

Last year I started an outdoor project to convert my neighbour’s old garden gazebo to a new garden shed. Except for adding the trim, this project is finished. There was a lot of steps in project and a lot more work than I expected, but it was a lot of fun and as usual I […]

Finally Purchased and Installed a Outdoor Patio Heater (video)

I’ve been thinking about purchasing an outdoor patio heater ever since we built our new deck a couple of years ago. A couple of months ago I got serious, did my research and purchased one. Originally, I was looking at a stainless steel model but in the end I picked a heater that has a brown […]

How To Use A Gas Powered Post Hole Digger (Video)

A few years ago we had a big wind storm and it blew done a few panels of our old cedar fence. I purchased new cedar panels and 4×4 fence posts. I used a clam shell post hole digger to dig the post holes. It worked fine, but I was happy that I only had […]

How To Install A Drainage Pipe In Your Backyard (Video)

Do you have a wet or soggy backyard? I use to have a very wet backyard and I recently installed a drainage pipe to take away the water from the downspot and excessive rain water on our lawn. Since I live in the Pacific North West, we can get a lot of rain in the […]