Outdoor Heaters

Warm Up Your Deck With An Infrared Or Patio Propane Heater

It’s no fun if you or your guests are cold on your deck or patio. You can make everyone toasty and warm by firing up your patio propane heater. Your guests will thank you and you will be able to enjoy your party long after the sun goes down. Turning on a propane heater is as easy as starting a BBQ and they provide heat instantly. And turning on a electric patio heater infrared unit is as easy as flicking a switch.

What is the best outdoor heater for you?

Not to long ago there was only one style of heater you could purchase. This was the standard stand up heater with a tank on the bottom. These are still very popular, more efficient and constructed with better material. Now there is a lot of different styles, sizes and fuel sources available. To ensure you get the perfect one to keep your outdoor space nice and warm, here’s a list of the top outdoor heaters available today:

  • Patio heater propane This is the most common outdoor heater you will find for homes, outdoor bars and restaurants. They are usually made of stainless steel so they don’t rust in outside conditions and they have a space for a 20 lb propane tank in the bottom of the stand. One nice feature is to get a unit with wheels on the bottom so it is easy to move it to where the party is.
  • Natural gas propane heater If your house has natural gas then this is a great option. You can have a connector professionally installed on your deck or patio and never have to worry about filling propane tanks again. The only thing you loose is the ability to move the heater around. You can only move it as far as the hose will allow. So make sure it is in the best spot when you purchase the length of hose.
  • Patio heater infrared For home use most people purchase electric infrared heaters. This is because they are very efficient, easy to install, use a standard 110 volt outlet and they are instant on/off. You can also purchase propane and natural gas infrared heaters. For installation you can mount them on a wall, post or have them attached to a stand. These are becoming more popular.
  • Patio heater electric This is very similar if not identical to the infrared heater. They are easy to install on the wall or mount them on a stand. You plug them into your outdoor house outlet. They are efficient, clean and provide directional heat.
  • Patio heater table top These are very similar to the standard propane heater except that they are smaller and sit on your table.  They usually use a small 1lb propane tank or you can get a hose to connect a larger tank. Since they are smaller they don’t put out as much heat, but they are very portable. I’ve even seen these at soccer matches when it is cold and wet out.

Top five questions when you are purchasing an outdoor heater

When you start looking for an outdoor heater you want to review the following list of questions to ensure you get the right one for your deck or patio:

  1. Fuel source – electric, propane gas, natural gas
  2. Location – where will the heater be located?
  3. Size of area you want to heat – the bigger the area the more heat you will want it to produce
  4. How easy is it to turner on – built in igniter for gas or a switch for electric heaters
  5. Special considerations – do you want to be able to move it? Do you want it to be made of a certain material like aluminum or copper?

It is also a good idea to talk to friends that have a patio propane heater. They can give you a good or bad recommendation. You can also check out what the local restaurants are using on their patios and ask the serving staff what they think of them.