A Guide to Simple Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Why an Outdoor Fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace makes a very stylish and attractive addition to any property, and many people are now realizing the benefits of having one. Not only does it look good and feel good, but it will add value to your property and be a great talking point when you have friends around.

The great thing about outdoor fireplaces is that they are relatively easy to install, and to do so all you need is a good plan. There are lots of simple outdoor fireplace plans available, catering for a wide variety of styles and themes, and once you get your hands on one the process of installing the fireplace is not far away.

Different Styles of Outdoor Fireplaces

You can choose from a whole range of fireplaces these days which cater for every taste. There are portable fireplaces that can be moved to different spots in the yard, a large number of custom designs, and a whole wealth of different materials that they can be made from.

Use this outdoor gas chimenea to heat your patio or deck.

Use this outdoor gas chimenea to heat your patio or deck.

Your fireplace could come with a bowl-shaped base with a chimney, or a chimenea style chimney pot. It could be made from clay, terracotta, or aluminum amongst other materials, and each one has its benefits. Cast iron, for example, will be very tough and durable under high temperatures, whereas terracotta often looks more attractive. Other metals, however, can be prone to rust, and some people swear by masonry as the only material to use.

In terms of themes, you could opt for a traditional style, an Eastern Brick design, or a modern and trendy appearance, and different styles become fashionable at different times. Or you could just choose a classic design that will never go out of fashion.

Outdoor Fireplace Plans

You will need to get hold of an outdoor fireplace plan that explains the relevant steps that need to be taken to build the fireplace. A good plan is essential, as it is this that will be the foundation of your fireplace and will inevitably dictate the fate of the project. Try to find one that is clear and easy to follow, and also one that will provide you with a guide as to how long it should take to build and how much all the materials are likely to cost.

One thing that all plans should carry is adequate safety measures. It is important that any fireplace is built to a safe design and has good ventilation, and the plan should follow these basic guidelines.

Above all, your outdoor fireplace plan should clearly explain the safety issues involved in your fireplace, both during the making of it and the upkeep. This could include details about cleaning the chimney to prevent accidents, and other maintenance issues.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

When you have your outdoor fireplace plan, the next stage is actually building it. You should note before you begin the process that this is a very time-consuming task. It is not an easy do-it-yourself project that will be finished by dinner time, and as such you will have to be prepared to put in a significant amount of time and effort if you are to make a successful project.

Before you begin, choose the location in which you want the fireplace to be situated. There are portable designs available, but if you are constructing something more permanent then the last thing you want is to realize half way through the project that it would look better in a different part of the yard. So think long and hard before starting, and you will save yourself countless misery down the line.

Outdoor fireplaces are very versatile and can be positioned just about anywhere you want them to go, but make sure that the area is clear before you start to construct it as it will require a large amount of space during the construction process. Also ensure that there is adequate space above it for the chimney. This is an essential feature for a wood-burning fireplace because of the smoke that will be produced, and it should really be a feature on any outdoor fireplace.

However, if you are instead having a gas fireplace, you will not need a chimney but will still have to ensure there is adequate space for the venting system.

All in all, with a good outdoor fireplace plan you should be able to construct a solid, effective, and attractive fireplace that will last many years and provide you with a lot of enjoyment.


  1. Ventless Fireplace says

    Great post; however you should of touched on local and state laws in your specific area before deciding on a type of out-door fireplace.

  2. victor hundt says

    Are there any simple plans out there? All I want to do is find some plans for a block and brick outside fireplace off the patio tha will also double as a bar-b-q pit. All I’m getting is expensive “kit” plans. thanks v. hunt.

  3. Bob Taylor says

    How do I find plans for aa outside wood burning brick fireplace for a do it yoursself project? please reply

  4. Me too. Pretty much looking to build a brick box with a couple of grates in it. One for cooking and one for wood burning. Thought it would be easy…..did you find anything?

  5. Here is a very simple plan that shows you how to build a bbq grill. You can use it as an outdoor fireplace or a wood burning bbq pit:


  6. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the link ot the back yard flare site. Lots of great plans to build an outdoor fireplace.


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