What You Need To Know Before Buying or Building an Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

An outdoor wood burning fireplace has become more popular than ever. They are a smart purchase for your backyard, patio, or pool area, as they can be used virtually year round. From providing a source of heat in winter, to being the centerpiece of your outdoor room while entertaining in the summer, these fireplaces are […]

Campfire Cooking Made Easy

(ARA) – Grilling over the open campfire is a rich tradition. Maybe it’s a combination of how the wood brings out food’s natural flavor and the ambiance of being outdoors. Whether camping with the family, hunting with friends or simply achieving that wood-grilled flavor at home, campfire cooking is delicious and easier than you might […]

Detailed Instructions and Material List to Build an Outdoor Oven

Have you every thought it would be great to build an outdoor oven in your backyard? Now that Christmas is over I start thinking about projects outside again. Maybe a little to early for a deck party, but a good time to start planning projects outside. If you are in a warmer climate with no snow and rain, […]