Build a lasting memory with your backyard project

(BPT) – There are regular backyard projects and then there are those special backyard projects that bring families closer together, both during the construction and while enjoying the finished piece. If you want to improve your backyard with a special project for your family this year but you’re not sure what to build, here are […]

Choosing the Right Decking Material for your Deck

When people talk about choosing decking material they are usually talking about the wood on the deck floor. The deck floor is exposed to the elements and gets most of the wear and tear. Besides the deck railing it is the most visible part of your deck. The part of the deck you don’t see […]

Do I Need A Building Permit To Build A Deck And What Is The Process?

One of the first questions you should have when planning your new deck is, “do I need a building permit to build my deck?” The best way to find this out is visit your local city hall and get a copy of the building regulations and understand the building permit process. While you are at […]

5 Reasons Why Deck Plans Are Necessary and How to Create Them For Free

If you are planning on building a deck you will need a good set of plans to make a quality deck. You can pay a lot to get custom plans, but you can also get free plans or create the plans yourself with inexpensive or free deck software. If you followed the last article designing […]