How to Light Up Your Nights

(ARA) – Starry evenings and backyard entertainment go hand-in-hand. When the sun goes down, the right landscape lighting can turn any backyard into a stylish outdoor living space. With so many options, it’s easy to fill your nights with light to enhance security, decor and entertainment. “Lighting your landscape is like working with a canvas […]

Make Your Deck the Safe Place for Neighborhood Fun!

(ARA) – In every neighborhood, there’s always that one house where people love to congregate. Sometimes all it takes is a shady front porch that draws neighbors for a glass of iced tea — or a backyard deck that becomes the outdoor kitchen, den and dining room, where everyone enjoys hanging out. Making your home […]

Five Top Trends In Patio Designs

(ARA) – When does a trend become a tradition? With continued interest in creating great outdoor living spaces, the trend for jazzing up the backyard may just be on the verge of becoming a staple of the American home, and as much a requirement as a great kitchen or welcoming bath. And every summer it […]

Summer Outdoor Lighting Trends

(ARA) – Every year a wave of new products hits the shelves at lawn and garden stores, home improvement centers and online retailers. For 2008, a major trend is innovative outdoor lighting. Driving this trend toward creative outdoor lighting is the desire of homeowners to spend time outdoors and extend their outdoor time into the […]