How To Use A Gas Powered Post Hole Digger (Video)

A few years ago we had a big wind storm and it blew done a few panels of our old cedar fence. I purchased new cedar panels and 4×4 fence posts. I used a clam shell post hole digger to dig the post holes. It worked fine, but I was happy that I only had […]

Deck Design Programs for the Ultimate Outdoor Room

Like patios, decks may be constructed to form an outdoor room, extending the inside of your home into your backyard. But decks are undoubtedly even more versatile than patios because they can be build in just about any environment however steep or rocky. Of course a deck is a solid structure, and you’re going to […]

How I Finally Painted The Wood Posts And Fascia On Our Deck

We finished building our second story deck late last year and then the rain started. We finished the wood posts using a primed fascia material so it was not a necessity to paint them right away. My plan was to find a sunny day in the winter to paint them, but then I found out […]

Replace Your Old Wood Deck With A Decking Composite Material (Video)

A natural wood deck looks great. But if you live in an area that gets lots of rain and you do not have time to maintain it, you should consider an alternative material. One of the most talked about alternatives is is a composite decking material. Composite decking is becoming very popular and there are a lot […]