How To Build Garden Steps (Video)

We are in the process of re-doing our backyard and I wanted to build a set of garden steps that would be quick, easy and I wouldn’t mind replacing in a few years when we build our new patio.

I designed a set of steps using 6 large bricks and a bag of gravel. To provide strength and stability I put the bricks on there side and filled them up with gravel. Well you will see what I did in the following slide show. For my list of tools, I used two levels, a wheel barrel and a shovel. That’s it!

5 Steps that are in the Video:

  1. Size up the site and determine how many bricks you need. I laid them out in front of where I wanted to have the steps to ensure they were the right height and they would be large enough to walk on.
  2. Level the ground and prepare the site. It’s important that the ground is flat before you. Start placing the garden steps. Make sure it is level side to side and front to back. A strong base makes a strong structure, remember the pyramids.
  3. Start placing the bricks and make sure that each one is level, before you place the next brick. Again, it is important that the base is solid. You may have to do a little more leveling to get the first few bricks level, but once they are level you are off to the races.
  4. Once all of the bricks are in place take a test walk and make sure they are set correctly. Be careful as you do this step because they might be a little loose.
  5. Now the fun part, fill the bricks with the gravel.

That’s it, clean up your site and your done.

Now you know how to build a set of garden steps.

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