Relax: Choose the Right Hot Tub in 10 Easy Steps

Enjoying the hot tub with friends

Enjoying the hot tub with friends

(ARA) – Stress negatively impacts the mind and body in profound ways. In fact, some stress experts estimate that up to 90 percent of doctor visits for primary care can be linked in some way to a stress-induced ailment.

What’s the antidote? Soothing hot tubs have become a favored home improvement that promotes relaxation and provides a sanctuary from everyday pressures. Easy to install and maintain, hot tubs deliver the “ahhhh” that only luxuriously warm water and blissful bubbles can provide.

Whether you’re an empty nester or a family of five, hot tubs make a notable addition to a backyard. But how do you find the hot tub that’s right for you? Industry experts suggest you consider these 10 critical factors before making your purchase decision:

1. Capacity
Consider your family size and how often you expect to entertain friends and relatives. How many people do you wish to seat comfortably? Seating options typically range from one person to seven.

2. Body Type
“Every person is different and before picking a model, ‘test drive’ it by sitting in the seats. Not every hot tub and every seat can be perfect for each person. Reputable hot tub retailers will offer free demonstrations or testing so take advantage of this service,” says Kevin Kasten of

3. Jets
One of the big advantages of factory-manufactured hot tubs is the variety of jet types. Over the long term, you will appreciate the different types of massage for relaxation and recovery — so look for hot tubs that offer a wide variety of jet types, not just the total number of jets. High-volume, low-pressure jets with a 50/50 mix of air and water are preferred by many.

4. Lounge Seat or Not?
Hot tubs broadly fall into two categories: models with or without a lounge seat. “Try out both options to see what is right for you,” suggests Jim Sueppel of Sundance Spas, a 30-year-old brand and the world’s largest manufacturer of acrylic hot tubs. “Many shoppers also appreciate partially submerged cool-down seats that permit an easier transition in and out of the water.”

5. Entertainment
Look for spas with practical entertainment features such as stereos with integrated memory to store digital music, USB ports, docking stations for your iPod, MP3 plugs and subwoofers. Avoid expensive gimmicks such as built-in televisions because you probably won’t use them. If you want a TV, get a stand alone unit that can be used anywhere in the backyard.

6. Size and Space
How large is your backyard or patio? If you have limited room or a small access gate, consider models that are less than 30 inches tall or models with a small footprint. “Convertible” models offer the ease of being able to plug into most standard wall outlets.

7. Construction
Select a hot tub with full-foam insulation to ensure heat retention. Inexpensive models without foam will cost more over time to operate. Also look at the skirting/cabinetry. “The spa skirting goes around the outside of the hot tub and is important to the overall look. Advanced options include easy care synthetic materials that look like wood or stone to coordinate with landscaping,” says Anthony Pasquarelli from Jacuzzi Brands.

8. Covers
Make sure that your hot tub comes with an insulating cover and be sure to utilize cover locks to keep children out of the spa when adults are not supervising.

9. Manufacturers
Not all hot tubs are created equal, so choose a brand with a local authorized dealer for service and a track record for making quality products. Be sure the manufacturer has been in business for decades. Manufacturers that offer third-party endorsements or awards from highly reputable organizations, such as The Good Housekeeping Seal, will provide the greatest consumer assurance.

10. Planning Guides
Established brands such as Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi offer free guides to homeowners to help in the planning of backyards for the arrival of a hot tub. These brochures are highly informative and are available through Web sites such as and

Not sure how to install a new hot tub? Basic installation is easy — all you need is a hard, level surface like concrete, electricity and a garden hose. Be sure to do your homework before heading out to buy so that you get the perfect model to complement your lifestyle.

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  1. Hi,

    Glad you like the ten tips on purchasing a hot tub. One more tip if you are thinking about purchasing a hot tub. Find a store that allows you to trial the tubs. We went to Jacuzzi and they allowed the whole family to do a wet trial.

    It was nice because there are a lot of different options in jets and configurations. We could all test it out and decide what we like and then a staff member was on hand to answer all of our questions.



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