Our New Deck Is Finished…well almost!

Our new deck was officially completed yesterday, except for one small part. We just need need to get the final building permit complete. From our last inspection we had four outstanding items:

  • Completion of deck railing and guards – done
  • Professional Engineer field report for the beam – done
  • Electrical inspection and approval of the deck lights – done
  • Completion of stamped concrete landing at bottom of deck stairs – done

All we need to now is organize the final inspection and have it all approved.

Here’s a photo of our completed second story deck:

Our new deck is finally finished

Our new deck is finally finished

Even though we had contractors build our deck, there was still a lot of work and a bit of stress to get it done right. It starts with your initial planning stage and it carriers on throughout the entire process. We had the Home Improvements and Renovation Group at Shell Busey  as the general contactor and their team did most of the work. One nice thing about working with a company like Shell Busey is that they assigned a project manager to our deck project. If we had any questions there was just one person to call and he was very knowledgeable on the process of building our deck. This saved us a lot of time and stress.

Now that the deck is done it’s time to have some friends over, show it off and have some fun. I also need to put together the deck furniture I purchased a few months ago, we all have a place to sit and enjoy the food and beverages. There’s always something to do the on my life on the deck 🙂

Update – I started writing a series of article on the process of designing, planning and building our deck. You can read the first article by clicking Steps to Build a Deck and from there you can read the other articles as I write them.

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