Decorative Deck Railing: A Decorating Insider’s Final Touch

Deck railing is a design professional’s secret key to creating stand-out, awe-inspiring exterior home design. And with a little know-how, you can apply the same style to your own home just like a pro.

It’s important because not only does it add beauty to your home, it is also functional. Railing provides support and can be a barrier to falls or other accidents. So selecting the right design and material is crucial to have the railing on your deck look great.

This deck railing adds another dimension to your deck

This deck railing adds another dimension to your deck

There are countless designs to choose from. When choosing the style of railing that works for you, start out by assessing your style goals. Are you going for a formal, sophisticated design or are you opting for more modern or contemporary? How about Victorian, traditional, or English cottage garden? Decorative deck railing lends itself to whatever style you are shooting for.

What’s great about many railing options is that they are simple to install and don’t have to require lots of maintenance and upkeep. And for budget-minded folks, there are also many options available that provide the style you want at an affordable price.

When you design your deck, deck railing should factor in to your initial design plan. Making sure you’ve got the right support for your railings will be the difference between a dangerous, poorly functioning disappointment and an attractive, attention-getting deck that’s beautiful, safe and functional for years to come.

There are so many materials and styles to choose from. Wood is a popular choice, particularly because it blends well with many existing decks. It also works well with many decor themes. Wood is a good material to use if your decor theme is traditional, country chic, or cottage garden. Wrought iron is another popular choice that lends itself well to many design styles. Wrought iron works with classical design, Victorian designs, or, depending on the cut, modern and contemporary. Iron is also sturdy and very weather resistant. Manufactured materials are also becoming popular because they are made to look like wood, iron, or other materials but can be more cost effective they are sturdy, budget-friendly ways to add style to your deck.

Style of railing will also contribute to your design. The more ornate styles will add a formal, sophisticated, and traditional flair. Ornate styles work really well for a large deck. A large deck area will balance out the bold statement of these types of railings. On the other hand, simple, clean lines add a real modern touch to your deck style. In large or small spaces, straight and simple make a sophisticated addition to your outdoor decor.

Whatever you choose, your decorative deck railing is key to your deck design. And keeping in mind these tips, you’ll be able to make your deck design a beautiful and functional reality.

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