How To Restain Outdoor Wood Furniture (Video)

Rain, sun wind and the occasional deck party will wear out your wood deck and patio furniture. Even if it is made out of cedar you will eventually need to resurface and restain it. This last weekend I restained my cedar table and bench. I recorded a video of the steps and also included a list of the steps below.

Steps To Resurface and Restain Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

  1. Power wash your wood furniture to remove dirt, grit and existing stain. Don’t power wash it to hard or you can remove the actual wood
  2. Once it is dry you can do a light sanding. This will remove and remaining dirt and grit and provide a smooth finish. I prefer to use 100 medium grit sand paper
  3. Remove the dust using a tack cloth or damp cloth
  4. Once it is dry you can brush or role on the stain. I like to use Sikkens Cetol 1.
  5. Let it dry and you are done.

If you have any questions on this project or can add a tip or two on your own experience, please leave a comment below.

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