How To Lay Sod In 8 Steps (Video)

In building our second story deck there were a few areas of the lawn that got chewed up and I recently top dressed and spread grass seed. There was another area where we removed a concrete section from our old walkway and this was the perfect area to use sod grass. The video below explains how to lay sod. It is a small area of our lawn but it provides all of the steps you need sod a much larger area.

Steps I Followed To Plant Sod Grass

  1. Remove any rocks, weeds or old grass.
  2. Rake the soil to loosen it up and level it out. You can add new soil or compost to level out low areas.
  3. Water the soil just before you put the sod down, this will help it take root and not dry out.
  4. Roll the sod grass out and make sure it lines up with the existing lawn or new roles of sod.
  5. Cut the sod with a garden knife to fit it in place if necessary.
  6. Tamp the sod down once it is all in position.
  7. Water the sod and water it every day until it takes root.
  8. If it is raining you may not need to water it and if it hot and dry you may need to water it more often.

I hope found the video and the steps above on how to lay sod helpful. If you can add any other information or have a question please leave a comment below.

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